Plan Ahead for That Next Road Trip

A good road trip is a sure way to cure that itch for adventure. But doing just a little bit of extra planning ahead before you leave can help to further ensure a successful trip. Fortunately, our team at Grand Prix Motors Inc. is here with advice to keep in mind before hitting the road this holiday season.

It is always a good idea to have your route planned out ahead of time. A backup route can be helpful as well since you can't always anticipate every obstacle that you might encounter. Keeping a few "just in case" items in your car, truck, or SUV can also help you out in a pinch. Items like jumper cables, a small tool kit, and some tire chains (if you are heading to areas that might see some winter weather) can be lifesavers.

And finally, the best thing that you can do before heading out on your next road trip is to bring your vehicle into our service department here in Portland, OR and let our certified service technicians do a quick oil change and tire rotation for you before you go.

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