Understanding Horsepower in Portland, OR

When buying a new vehicle, inevitably we come across the word "horsepower". We all know that it's the measurement of how much power a car has, but what exactly is that measurement, and how did it come about? The origins of the way we measure the power of a car is quite interesting.

Originally developed by James Watt - of whom we are constantly reminded of when purchasing light bulbs, the horsepower is the global way of measuring the power output of a car. When James Watt made the steam engine practical for industrial use, he needed a way for the common person to understand how it measured up to what was used at the time to move heavy stuff - so enter the horse!

Simply put, one horsepower is the equivalent of a horse pulling 33 lbs. for one minute. To learn more, come visit Grand Prix Motors Inc. where our friendly sales team will help you with all your car related questions.

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