Exhaust Headers Need Regular Service

As your motor pumps out large volumes of waste gases, it needs somewhere to put these fumes. Your exhaust system fills this need with a network of pipes, sensors, tubes, and devices. The exhaust manifold is an anchor of your exhaust system. It attaches directly to your motor, and as such, is the first link in the exhaust system chain. Manifolds generally do good jobs of channeling gases, but people who drive powerful vehicles may be unsatisfied with the performance offered by manifolds.

Performance vehicle owners often turn to parts called exhaust headers when they crave extra power. Headers are similar to manifolds, but they provide each individual cylinder with its own channel. This design can trim backpressure and promote power. While headers are useful, they are often custom pieces that require specialized maintenance regimens.

As it so happens, here at our facility in the Portland area, we field certified and experienced exhaust system specialists who can give your headers the right kind of attention. To learn more, swing by our auto repair shop today for a no-obligation conversation.

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