We think lift kits look cool, as many truck lovers do. But we also think that truck owners need to be aware of the risks involved and other important information about lift kits before getting one.

Lift kits are helpful in some driving situations, such as off-road driving. They increase tire clearance without sacrificing alignment. Body lift kits don't alter the way your truck feels, and they only lift your truck a maximum of three inches. Suspension lift kits, on the other hand, change the way your truck handles. You must be careful the first time driving after installing a suspension lift kit to develop a feel for the new performance.

You can lift your truck for aesthetic purposes, but remember that if it's over three inches, you must adjust to the truck's new handling. If you drive off-road with the truck, then you should lift the truck to improve tire clearance. At Grand Prix Motors Inc., we can service your vehicle with ease.



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