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Useful Interior Cleaning Techniques for Pet Hair

If you have a pet, you know that keeping the interior of your car clean can become a challenge. When there is excessive hair left in the interior, it not only feels uncomfortable, but it's also unhealthy for you and your pet.

Investing in a device or tool to remove the pet hair is a worthy investment. The job of a pet hair removal tool is to capture the loose hair particles and pull them out of the seat and carpet fibers. While vacuuming is very helpful, especially for pet dander, the hair removal tools give you a more…

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What You Need to Know About Using a Lift Kit on Your Truck

We think lift kits look cool, as many truck lovers do. But we also think that truck owners need to be aware of the risks involved and other important information about lift kits before getting one.

Lift kits are helpful in some driving situations, such as off-road driving. They increase tire clearance without sacrificing alignment. Body lift kits don't alter the way your truck feels, and they only lift your truck a maximum of three inches. Suspension lift kits, on the other hand, change the way your truck handles.

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Gaskets: A Crucial but Often Overlooked Part of Your Engine

At Grand Prix Motors Inc., we want you to be as informed as possible about your vehicle. Inside your engine, gaskets are parts that most people don’t think about, but they play a crucial role in your engine running smoothly.

Gaskets sit between two surfaces in your engine, creating a seal or barrier to keep liquids and gases from escaping. They are designed to fit perfectly inside of each unique engine. Most commonly, they are made of stainless steel, copper, or rubber.

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Vehicle Checklist Essentials for Your Next Road Trip

With the summertime finally coming up, it’s important to stay prepared as you plan for an exciting road trip or adventure at Grand Prix Motors Inc.. Whether you’re planning a fun weekend in Portland or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, you should make sure that your vehicle is inspected and has fresh oil. As a result, you can ensure that your travels will go off without a hitch.

Budget spenders on a road trip tend to plan out the perfect time for filling the gas tank, which can sometimes work against you. While you can take advantage of…

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What You Should Know about Easy Headlight Cleaning

Have you noticed a considerable amount of discoloration on your headlights?

At Grand Prix Motors Inc., we’re happy to help local drivers to keep their headlights transparent, but we’re even more eager to help you clean them with ease. Whether you have layers of dirt, grime, or any other filthy substances, there are a variety of home remedies that can make the cleaning process simpler than you think.

When your vehicle is in need of a headlight restoration, you may not always have time to get it into the shop. That’s why we recommend using toothpaste or…

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Reasons Your Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated by Accident

There are often people in Portland, OR who have talked about their tire pressure light suddenly becoming illuminated even though they know that their tires are fine. Sometimes this really is a situation where a puncture has caused a rather sudden leak. There is also the chance that the sensor has been damaged or is giving a false reading.

One of the reasons this can occur is because there has been a rather sudden shift in the temperature. 

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Exhaust Headers Need Regular Service

As your motor pumps out large volumes of waste gases, it needs somewhere to put these fumes. Your exhaust system fills this need with a network of pipes, sensors, tubes, and devices. The exhaust manifold is an anchor of your exhaust system. It attaches directly to your motor, and as such, is the first link in the exhaust system chain. Manifolds generally do good jobs of channeling gases, but people who drive powerful vehicles may be unsatisfied with the performance offered by manifolds.

Performance vehicle owners often turn to parts called exhaust headers when they crave extra power. 

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Auto Help Guide: How Timing Belts Work

The timing belt is a belt made of rubber and nylon cords that hold your camshaft and crankshaft in fluent motion so that your engine is always running properly. Some older vehicles will have a timing chain instead of a belt. Newer cars will always have a rubber timing belt. If your timing belt is an offer or lose, then your engine may not run properly or not run at all.

Timing belts also have issues with the water pump and steering when they are not working correctly. With a four-stroke engine, your timing belt works to move your engine…

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Why Brake Pads Are Useful on The Highway

Highway driving is fast and efficient but requires attentiveness and vigilance. At any time, something could happen that requires you to apply your brakes. Or perhaps you need to pull over to the shoulder to change a tire. Collectively, all of these actions are done with brakes. More specifically, brake pads, which we are prepared to handle at Grand Prix Motors Inc..

The braking system on a typical vehicle has sections of interconnecting parts called pistons, cylinders, and hydraulics. Inside those cylinders is a liquid chemical known as hydraulic fluid. 

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Be Prepared with Traction This Winter Season

It may seem odd to travel with a big bag of sand., litter, or salt in the back of your vehicle but it is good to have if you travel in the winter. In fact, you won't want to be without it if you get stuck. Sand, salt, and litter will all provide some traction to help you to get out of a slippery situation.

Seasonal Maintenance Milestones For Your Vehicle

— Scamper smith (@ScamperSmith) October 4, 2017

It takes minimal effort to throw a bag into your car, and it will…

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