Vehicle Checklist Essentials for Your Next Road Trip

With the summertime finally coming up, it’s important to stay prepared as you plan for an exciting road trip or adventure at Grand Prix Motors Inc.. Whether you’re planning a fun weekend in Portland or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, you should make sure that your vehicle is inspected and has fresh oil. As a result, you can ensure that your travels will go off without a hitch.

Budget spenders on a road trip tend to plan out the perfect time for filling the gas tank, which can sometimes work against you. While you can take advantage of the time that you save by cutting out extra fuel stops, it’s important to stop more often for your own well-being. Not only that, but it’s safe to refuel more often whenever you’re driving through an area or region that you’ve never been to before.

Be sure to check your tire pressure levels, including the pressure of your spare wheel. Low pressure from leaks or a low-quality tire tread can make your vehicle handle poorly, and can even have an impact on your overall fuel efficiency. Excessive tire pressure is also dangerous when exposed to heat and friction, as both make tires more vulnerable to bursting - which can cause a significant accident if you’re not careful.

If you’re in need of more professional advice before your next road trip, then don’t hesitate to visit with our staff at 3220 SE 19th Avenue. We’ll be happy to guide you through your vehicle’s needs for a successful trip, both near and far!

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