About the Consignment Process:

To consign a car with Grand Prix Motors there are no upfront fees. In most cases, to get things started we simply need the vehicle on premise and the consignment vehicle agreement signed with all the paperwork so we can best represent your vehicle. After we have these items we'll have your car up and listed for sale within a few days.

The overall consignment process is very simple and we think you will find our FLAT FEE AND NO UPFRONT COSTS really set us apart from your average car consignment process.

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When it comes to Consigning at Grand Prix Motors, our goal is to offer you peace of mind while doing all the heavy lifting for you so that we can sell your car as quickly as we can for the best price possible.

We offer a hassle-free, low-cost consignment experience that no other dealership can compare to.

Grand Prix Motors boasts the reputation and experience within the market to sell your vehicle and we won't leave you disappointed. Our staff is dedicated to making sure your experience is top notch and we are always looking to consign high quality luxury, exotic, classic and collector cars from all over the nation.

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Why should you consign with us?

Marketing Power

1. We advertise on dozens of automotive websites, boast over 5,000 Facebook fans, and our website sees thousands of unique visitors EACH DAY. Consigning with us is the best way to make sure your car is seen by buyers who are ready to make a purchase.

Dealership Advantages

2. Not only do most buyers prefer the peace of mind they get by buying from a reputable dealer, but we also offer the advantages of accepting TRADES and providing FINANCING on all of our consignment vehicles. A consignment vehicle receives all the same benefits as other cars on our lot which opens your vehicle to a number of additional buyers.

Industry Expertise

3. We offer years of experience in the automotive field and can guide you along the quickest, easiest path to a successful transaction. Whether it is helping you put a fair market value on your car, assisting in detail/service work, or even representing your car at auction; WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU.

Tax Savings

4. While there is no Sales tax in Oregon, in other states most people are unaware that they receive a tax credit when they trade in or sell a car to a dealership. This is no different with a consignment car, and you will be given those same tax credits once we sell your vehicle.

Peace of mind

5. Grand Prix Motors sports a stellar reputation both with retail clients and other dealers alike. Our expert knowledge of the industry and unmatched customer service allow you to "rest easy" while we do all the work for you. Our #1 goal is to sell your car for the best possible price and leave you feeling happy and confident about the transaction.

Grand Prix Motors not only buys and sells some of the most unique and sought after cars of today and yesterday but we also provide the best Car Consignment services in the industry. We provide flexible options for consigning your vehicle, whether you are located near us here in Oregon or across the nation. We work with a number of shipping providers around the nation and can help facilitate the transportation of your vehicle to our Portland OR showroom if you so desire.

Our dealership is home to an over 20,000 square foot showroom that is safe, secured, has video surveillance, and is climate controlled.

Our reputation and client base from around the world is the number one factor in our ability to market and sell your car. For the class of cars we sell, buyers want to work with a dealership that they can trust and who is been in business for over 10 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to sell my car?
Most cars sell within 30-45 days.

How much does Grand Prix Motors charge?
Grand Prix Motors charges a flat fee on all consignments. Most importantly, there are NO upfront or out of pocket costs. Just a flat fee once your car sells.

Can you help me determine what my car is worth?
Definitely! We do this every day, and our friendly staff will take into account all aspects of your vehicle and the current market to help determine the best price to list your car at, what you can expect to sell the car for, and the best way to get the car to market and sell it for as much money and as quickly as possible. We have an online vehicle appraisal tool that compares the market price along with current availability of similar cars. We combine that with our own industry knowledge to help you reach a fair market value for your car. At the end of the day we want to find the right price to move the car that satisfies your desired sale price.

Can you take care of getting my car detailed or serviced?
Yes. Grand Prix Motors can handle any and all reconditioning work your vehicle may need ranging from service work to maintenance, to interior/exterior detailing and beyond. Once we have your car at our location, we will take care of all the necessary items and again there are no out of pocket expenses for you and of course everything is approved by you, the owner, prior to any work being performed.

What if I have a bank loan?
No problem at all. We will handle the entire process from pay-off to transferring title for you. Once the car sells, we take care of everything and cut you a check for the difference.

What if my car is leased?
Of course! We can handle that whole process for you and do our best to get you top dollar for your car no matter the financial situation you are in.

Can you accept trade-ins on my car even if it is on consignment?
Yes! We treat every car at Grand Prix Motors the same, regardless of if we own it or it is on consignment. Many people like to utilize our trade in program, and your car will get to take advantage of the full benefits of being a car in our inventory.

Can a consignment car be financed by a potential new buyer?
Definitely. In fact, this is one of the number one reasons to list your car on consignment with Grand Prix Motors. We offer a wide range of financing options through a number of different financial institutions and consignment cars have much better chance of selling through a dealer like us than a private buyer for that reason alone.

What does Grand Prix Motors offer that I couldn't just do on my own?
For one, we offer peace of mind to the buyer that they are buying from one of the most reputable dealer's in the business. Secondly, dealership sales usually command a higher sale price because of that peace of mind over a private sale. Also, all consignment cars go on our website which totals thousands of unique visitors each day in addition to dozens of other websites such as,,,,, eBay,, Backpage, Our social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.