Auto Help Guide: How Timing Belts Work

The timing belt is a belt made of rubber and nylon cords that hold your camshaft and crankshaft in fluent motion so that your engine is always running properly. Some older vehicles will have a timing chain instead of a belt. Newer cars will always have a rubber timing belt. If your timing belt is an offer or lose, then your engine may not run properly or not run at all.

Timing belts also have issues with the water pump and steering when they are not working correctly. With a four-stroke engine, your timing belt works to move your engine through four different strokes including an intake stroke, compression stroke, a combustion stroke, and exhaust stroke.

You can diagnose issues with your car including the timing belt by visiting a dealer. These service departments offer a number of different services and deals. You can visit our service center at Grand Prix Motors Inc. to get more advice and auto mechanic help today!

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