There is no question that a lot of people enjoy the convenience of a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Part of the reason for that is because many of them sport a great roof rack. Here are some tips for using your roof rack effectively:

Step One

You will need to measure your bag or box and ensure that it is durable enough and weatherproof enough in order to withstand the trip. If you have a roof rack with crossbars, be sure that your luggage is compatible with it.

Step Two

Place the luggage on the luggage rag and then fill it up. Follow it in this order in order to prevent back or neck problems. Be sure to fill it completely so it doesn’t flap in the wind.

Step Three

Use the roof straps to securely fasten your luggage on the top of your SUV. Be sure to use all four straps. Viola! You are done!


Still have questions on how to use your roof rack? If so, come to Grand Prix Motors Inc. today and we will take a look at everything, including your roof racks if you wish.

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